Thursday, April 29, 2010

Synergy, thy name is Cullen

Unlike most years, where Bryan Murray's deadline acquisitions have fallen flat, this year's crop of rentals has an undeniably positive impact on the team.

Not only did Matt Cullen lead the team in points during these playoffs, he really seemed to match Alfredsson's style. Watching him move swiftly across the ice with Daniel Alfredsson was a thing of beauty, and something I hope to witness again next season.

With the irreplaceable Anton Volchenkov possibly coming off the books July 1, I think it would be a step forward for this team to redirect some money into punching up the offence.

Cullen was a prized acquisition at the trade deadline (and, with hindsight, for good reason!), and Murray now has a month of exclusive negotiation to convince the 33-year old that Ottawa is the right place for him to finish his career. Murray should put some effort into getting the deal done because Cullen has proven himself to be a perfect fit for the Senators.
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