Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Screw arbitration, new deal is done

It was announced that Ray Emery has re-signed with the Senators, narrowly avoiding the arbitration process. The deal is for three years worth $9.5 million total. For you cap-watchers out there, that means a $3.16 million per season average.

This is the deal that everyone expected, but didn't hope for. The Senators' faithful realized long ago that every dollar used to lure Emery back to the nation's capital is a dollar that would not be spent on keeping our dynamic duo, Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza, in town. So there's been a bit of Emery bashing on the part of Sens fans - understandable.

My thoughts? As stated a few days back, I would have preferred a shorter contract that would give the Senators the opportunity to see if Rayzor is, in fact, the shiznit. With this deal, if Emery stinks up the place next year, we've pretty much been Gerbered ®... again. That's just my pessimistic opinion.

This deal does indicate quite a bit of faith in Rayzor on the part of Bryan Murray. While behind the bench, Murray may have seen the effects of Emery's attitude or confidence on the rest of the team - what some may call 'the intangibles'.

Update: The Senators have also re-signed Christoph Schubert to a 3-year contract.
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