Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peter spreads his wings

Dear readers, fans, enemies, and friends,

Today Peter leaves Sens Army Blog to pursue another blogosphere opportunity, namely, the new unofficial Ottawa Senators blog on Sports Blog Nation, Silver Seven ( As much fun as Sens Army has been (and it has been very fun), I've been discussing the move for a while now with people at SBNation and decided that it's a good move for me at the moment.

Of course, Ben will still be on Sens Army, and will keep doing what he does best--bashing Martin Gerber. And, obviously, keeping fans abreast of what's happening with the Senators. Be sure to keep checking out SAB regularly, I certainly will be. I'll even keep posting No Habs No! letters here, for the remainder of this season's campaign.

While you're getting your fill of Sens opinion and analysis, though, be sure to check out Silver Seven. You can expect everything you've expected from me while reading Sens Army Blog, and the format of SBN allows for more reader interaction--including fanshots (quick hits of videos, photos, and links), fanposts (community posts and discussions), and, of course, commenting.

I want to thank everyone who reads and comments the blog for all the fun that Sens Army has been for the last couple of years. I hope to hear from you all over at Silver Seven.

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