Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brunnstrom Watch: Day four

According to, Fabian Brunnstrom is not interested in signing with the Ottawa Senators:
J.P. Barry, the agent for the 23-year-old Swedish Elite player, said Brunnstrom is visiting Dallas, Denver and Montreal and meeting with the respective teams' management. Barry said Brunnstrom was in Dallas the last two days and will be in Denver tonight before moving to Montreal for the weekend."

Right now he wants to focus on these three (teams)," Barry told HC@Noon hosts Darren Millard and Bill Berg. "He's at the point where he wants to make a decision and if I'm going to add a couple of teams to the list I have to convince him to do it now. I just want to make sure he makes the best choice for himself and he sees as many teams as he can."
Thanks to Black Aces for pointing this out. When reading his post, though, excercise precaution: Jeremy Milks, the author, pulled a Don Brennan and fabricated a rumour--albeit based on more than Brennan's normal rumours--about Sens GM Bryan Murray shopping around Dean McAmmond. Rumours circulated that Murray was disappointed by the contract offered to McAmmond by former GM John Muckler, but honoured the word the franchise gave. Murray used McAmmond effectively as a coach, though, and unless the new coach--whoever it turns out to be--absolutely lambastes D-Mac, I don't see why the team would try and unload a speedy and reliable depth scorer and penalty killer who makes less than $1M.

EDIT: That's not to take anything away from Milks' blog; it's a great read, and I recommend all of our readers read Black Aces after getting your daily (or sometimes by-daily) dose of Sens Army Blog. Just a difference of opinion, I suppose.
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