Saturday, June 30, 2007

Get your priorities straight

With NHL free agency starting at noon (ET) Sunday, the Ottawa Senators have some decisions to make. It's tough to interpret the lack of news regarding Ray Emery as anything but bad, but it is only one of a number of tough choices that GM Bryan Murray will have to make in the coming days.

As an opinionated (and somewhat informed) fan, I now present to you what I believe the Senators should do to maintain or improve the team for next season.
  1. Trade Wade - The Sens need the cap space to retain certain players and to make any sort of waves in the free agent market this summer. Wade Redden was lame all of last year, and as much as we love the guy, Ottawa shouldn't wait until the trade deadline to cash in on him.
  2. Re-sign Rayzor - I'm not saying Ottawa should keep both Martin Gerber and Emery, but if given a choice, any sane person would pick the goalie the Sens rode to the Stanley Cup finals. Emery's agent has been stirring the pot, saying that a couple of teams intend to sign offer sheets for him (but don't trust agents).
  3. Power Forward - Watching TSN today, a commentator suggested that the Senators are interested in acquiring Bill Guerin as a free agent this summer. I couldn't agree more! This would be a major improvement for the Senators in scoring, leadership and size. Do it. Do it. Do it.
I'm sure a missed a whole bunch, but these ideas have stuck with me for some time. Feel free to add your own comments and ideas.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Gerber's better than the alternative

Would it be so bad if Martin Gerber returned for another season? Considering the price that Ray Emery may command this summer in restricted free agency, Gerber may be the only constant that the Senators have right now. (Constantly mediocre, some would say).

I remember watching Gerber in the first game of last season against the Toronto Maple Leafs, he put Raycroft to shame in a solid outing with several spectacular saves. It may simply be that Gerber must have a return to form. Not giving him the time to re-shape his game may be a decision the Senators regret.

Despite the playoff success, Emery is still a wildcard and is not a proven long-term solution for the Sens. We may look back at this time next year and be in the same situation with an Emery/Kelly Guard goaltending combo.

Bryan Murray, trade the guy if you can, but don't take some crap back. We've got no one waiting in the wings from the farm system this time. So if you mess up, there's no one to save the Senators next season. Gerber's an expensive backup plan, but he's better than the alternative - no plan at all.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another entry draft has come and gone

The Sens made four draft choices over Friday night and Saturday morning at the 2007 NHL Entry Draft in Columbus, and Bryan Murray said he was largely trying to build up size, complementing it with a Russian prospect already playing in North America. The picks were as follows, formatted with round number, and overall number in brackets:

1 (29): James O'Brien
2 (60): Ruslan Bashkirov
3 (90): Louie Caporusso
4 (120): Ben Blood

Ottawa traded their fifth- and seventh-round picks, as well as a seventh-rounder acquired from Phoenix in the Oleg Saprykin deal earlier in the year, to Tampa Bay in exchange for the Lightning's fourth-rounder in the 2008 draft, which is supposed to be deeper in talent than this year's was. The sixth-round pick was previously traded to Washington for Lawrence Nycholat this past February.

Sappy's big return?

Speaking of Saprykin, the Ottawa Sun has reported that former GM John Muckler tendered the winger a qualifying offer of just over $1M before he was fired. Apparently, if Oleg goes to arbitration he could earn "a reward of over $1.8 million". I don't know how Garrioch got that figure, but if arbitration awarded that it would be ridiculous. Apparently Murray is trying to move him.

McAmmond now officially sticking around

Speaking of things Muckler started before he got fired, the two-year contract extension he had tabled to Dean McAmmond was made official on Friday. In celebration, I shaved a playoff-era, McAmmond-esque mohawk into my head. The terms of the deal are supposedly $900K for 2007-08 and $950k for 2008-09. Here's hoping he retires as a Senator.

Sens Fever still in the capital

Taking the OC Transpo downtown a few days ago, I noticed some wicked Senators graffiti near the Bay Street station. If you get the opportunity, be sure to check it out. Here's a sneak peak, it's a pretty wicked piece of artwork.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Remember the good old days?

Do you remember when the Senators used to suck? When we didn't make the playoffs? It was a long time ago, more than ten years.

We used to get all the top picks. Somehow we got the first overall pick 3 times between 1994 and 1997, which we used to select Brian Berard, Chris Phillips and Alexandre Daigle. What should this teach us? That first picks don't tell the story of a team, and that the Senators have been smart in alot of other areas, such as scouting and trades. With their 29th of the first round this year (victims of their own success, I suppose) the Senators chose James O'Brien from the University of Minnesota (what TSN says about him).

I don't know the guy, but judging by his name I would say that he's a blue-collar worker. His nickname could be "Jimmy", but I'm going to change it to "Conan" because he's a warrior. Also because I love Conan O'Brien.

It's just a bummer to have so many months of the Senators, even extending past the playoffs to the Murray/Muckler exchange. Now, I've had to wean myself off the Senators news and onto insane speculation.

I really thought we'd hear some rumors before the trade deadline, but we got nothing. So, I think that means Wade is sticking around for another season... at least the girls like him.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I think I just threw up a little bit

It's all about the Leafs, isn't it?

As soon as the Senators drop their old (and I do mean 'old') GM, John Muckler, reports are coming out of a number of media outlets (TSN, National Post) that the Leafs could use a man of his talents. Last time I checked with Gary Bettman, there are 30 teams in the NHL. I don't think I have to remind hockey fans that a lot of these teams suck.

So before you jump on the "yeah JFJ sucks, but Muckler would help!" bandwagon, just remember that there are a ton of teams where the GM is useless compared to John "The Gargoyle" Muckler, and ol' Mucks is going to look at the whole league (for at least a week) before choosing his next destination.

I think this is just sensationalized journalism, based on pure speculation and wishful thinking on the part of the Toronto media. Also, it's just another pleasant reminder that the Leafs don't just want to be like the Senators, they do, in fact, want to be the Ottawa Senators.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Big news day: Muckler out, Murray up, McAmmond sticks around

It's been made official: John Muckler was fired on Friday, June 15, 2007. Bryan Murray was hired to fill the General Manager position on Monday, June 18, 2007. There will be a number of interviews, no doubt, to fill the now-vacant Head Coaching position. Names being thrown around include head coach of the AHL's Rochester Americans Randy Cunneyworth, former New Jersey Devils head coach Pat Burns, and current Ottawa Senators Assistant Coaches John Paddock and Greg Carvel. Also announced is that there will be someone hired soon in either a Director of Player Personnel or Assistant General Manager, possibility that Bryan Murray's nephew Tim Murray will be the man there.

In other news, Muckler apparently signed a two-year contract extension for Dean McAmmond, and Murray spoke with M.C. 'Ammer's agent that his contract will be honoured. Terms to be disclosed, and it's still 'all but finalized', but retaining D-Mac is a another big plus to start the Senators' off-season.

Other big possibilities could come in free-agent signings. According to the Team 1200, Murray is looking to make the team bigger, more physical, and add veteran(s). Hopefully that doesn't mean Gary Roberts is coming to town--Murray seems to be interested, though--but other names have been mentioned. The Alexei Yashin rumour was probably (and hopefully) just Mark Gandler trying to make news, he's not the kind of size or experience the Senators need. Brendan Shanahan is unrestricted and could be huge to the first or second lines--good size, experience, leadership, and scoring ability--depending what our future head coach decides to do with the CASH line. Comign off a season where he made $4M, though, Shanny may be a little pricey. From Carolina, Ray Whitney is a good name; he's no Shanahan, but he's a good leader, not quite as big as Shanahan, but is cheaper a few years younger, and can still get points. Martin Gelinas has been mentioned in the past, but his consistency is an issue (although his big-game play may be enough to counter that).

Anyway, speculation is moot, we'll see what happens. My pick would be Shanahan is there's enough money, and if not I'd go with Whitney, but we'll see what Murray decides on.

The speculation ends this afternoon

The Senators have called a press conference for today, June 18th at 1pm.

It seems more likely that Bryan Murray will become the Senators GM, and he may or may not also be the coach for the upcoming season. An alternate scenario has Assistant Coach John Paddock assuming the Head Coach duties. I've heard that Paddock has been considered by several organizations for their open Head Coach positions.

Senators' President Roy Mlakar is a strong Muckler supporter - will he sever his ties to the ol' Gargoyle (Muckler) to keep his job? Or is he on the way out as well? This could be the end of the Senators conservative 'build through the draft' philosophy. It could be a whole new franchise mantra if all the speculated changes take place.

Also keep in mind that Senators Owner Eugene Melnyk gave all the Senators' top brass a vote of confidence near the beginning of the season.

Let's just sit back and watch... it should be an interesting afternoon for Sens fans.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Housekeeping in the front office?

According to the Ottawa Sun today, the Ottawa Senators may announce as early as Monday that General Manager John Muckler has been fired. The reason has not become clear, but I'm sure there are many theories.

Ottawa fans have had a love/hate relationship with Mucky-Mucks for a while; at the start of 2006-07, when the team was doing poorly, many were calling for his head stating that he was too old and didn't know the new NHL well enough.

When he didn't pick up Gary Roberts--who proved to be meaningless anyway--and instead acquired Oleg Saprykin--who turned out to be a pretty good addition--many people were once again saying he'd lost the golden touch that brought five Stanley Cups to Edmonton.

But after a season with the Senators making it farther than they ever had before, with Muckler-era acquisitions like Jason Spezza, Dany Heatley, Dean McAmmond, Joe Corvo, and Tom Preissing having significant contributions to the team's playoff run, why would Mucks be fired now? Especially given the fact that he's only got one year left on his contract, anyway.

A friend of mine suggested maybe Muckler was actually entertaining the thought of bringing Alexei Yashin back to the Senators. While that would certainly be grounds for dismissal, it's not as likely as some other possibilities.

Obviously, the long-term plan is to gift-wrap the General Manager position for Bryan Murray whenever he wants it. The success the Anaheim Ducks, largely choreographed by Murray when he worked for that organization is proof enough of his abilities. Bob McKenzie of TSN suggested Murray may assume both Coach and GM duties, but, if I'm not mistaken, Murray has publicly declared that he wouldn't want to or be able to do both. There goes that.

Other key NHL management news may be important to consider: the Boston Bruins recently fired Dave Lewis, meaning there's a vacancy at the Head Coach position. Ottawa Senators coach John Paddock has been remoured as a desirable replacement, as he's well-respected across the league and would no doubt like to be a Head Coach once again. Given Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli's knowledge of the Senators' organization, this seems all too likely.

Obviously, Melnyk and Co. would love to keep Paddock for as long as possible. I would assume the original plan was to move Murray up to GM once Muckler's contract had expired, and allow Paddock to jump in as head coach, but Boston knocking on Paddock's door threw a wrench in the spokes. So perhaps Melnyk's hand was forced. Muckler seems like the type who, when offered to resign or be fired, would insist on getting fired instead of quit somethign he's apparently having so much "fun" doing.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I just couldn't resist...

An ad from today's Globe and Mail.How I read it:

I love photoshop.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Free agents are far from free

Dean McAmmond, Tom Preissing, Mike Comrie and Oleg Saprykin: these are the Senators' unrestricted free agents on July 1st. You're going to hear alot of rumours as soon as July starts, so let's just predict what will/should happen with this interesting group of players.

In not-so-random order:

Mike "I could be good... one day" Comrie: He had some good games, but not enough. If I were GM John Muckler I would put a low offer on the table and see what happens. Maybe that "play for a contender" discount actually works.

Best case scenario: Signs with the Sens for one year at 1.5 - 2 million with bonuses.

Likely scenario:
He walks. Something tells me he'll go back to some obscure hockey market (like Phoenix or Columbus or Florida) and the media in Ottawa will never see him again.

"2Fast2Valuable" McAmmond: Everyone seems to like what McAmmond brought to the Senators this year. He's fast, aggressive and puts up reasonable numbers. Given a choice between Comrie and McAmmond I would pick the more dependable Deano. He probably raised his stock this year with the Senators, to which I say 'kudos'.

Best case scenario: Signs with the Sens for 2 years at $950 000 per.

Likely scenario: It's hard to say how this one will go. I think this Canadian kid enjoys playing in a hockey town, but I can't help but think there's a team that will offer him $1 million or more for a 1-year deal, but the sens might match it.

Oleg "Freakin'" Saprykin: Bryan Murray seemed to take a shine to this guy, playing him instead of Patrick Eaves on several occasions, including Game 5 of the Finals. He was supposed to be our 4th liner and saw alot of success in that role playing with McAmmond and Christoph Schubert.

Best case scenario: Let him walk and have a minor leaguer fill his shoes on the energy line.

Likely scenario: He'll find a home somewhere...

Tom "you shoulda drafted me when you had the chance!!" Preissing: Tommy P is the most interesting free agent for the sens because he had a great regular season (didn't do anything spectacular in the playoffs, did he?) and he certainly deserves a big raise. How big? Well let's not go crazy here... A team is likely going to offer him something big like $2.5 million per season for 3 years. Unless we unload Redden I don't see that happening.

Best case scenario: The Senators are freed of the lead weight salary of Wade Redden , and are then able to sign Preissing for his market value - $2.5 M if needed.

Likely scenario: Tom Preissing is 28 years old and toiled in the college/minors for many long years. He will go to the highest bidder, no matter where that is - he's probably got a young family to provide for and not much time to make this hockey career worth the effort. I see another team scooping him up, and I'll be sad to see him go.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What is Ray Emery worth?

It's hard to say that the goaltender that brought the Senators to the Stanley Cup isn't worth as much as the one that's sitting on the bench, and I'm sure that's frustrating for Ray Emery.

Ray-zor is a restricted free agent this summer and another team could put together an offer sheet to draw him away from the Senators. What is he worth? $4 million? That's the number I've heard on the airwaves... and it's scaring me.

Everyone knows the solution to this problem: John Muckler has to move Martin Gerber. The only downside it that it will likely cost the Senators someone else. Namely, a player like Schubert or Eaves.

If Muckler can find a way to move Gerber then there's hope. If not, then the future of the Senators goaltending is as much in the air as it was when Gerber first dropped the ball (puck) at the beginning of this season.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Stanley Cup Finals Post Mortem

A medical procedure that consists of a thorough examination of a corpse to determine the cause and manner of death and to evaluate any disease or injury that may be present.
The above definition just seems so appropriate. The Senators played like they had a disease. There was something eating away at the team that prevented them from playing their best. In rounds 1 through 3 the team played like a well-oiled machine; they were living up to their potential. In the fourth round the Senators caught something, and it dragged them down.

What was the disease? It could have been a number of things. My diagnosis: they stopped feeling the pressure.

"Wha? I thought the Senators were chokers who cracked under pressure!"

First of all: shut the hell up. Now, let's look at the evidence. No one expected the Senators to beat the Buffalo Sabres. We were supposed to be gone after round 3. You could see the happiness in the eyes of Joe Corvo after he scored the game-winner in overtime of game 2 against Buffalo. That wasn't elation - it was relief.

After Alfredsson scored the series-winning goal against the Sabres. Ottawa celebrated, but at the same time, we raised expectations while simultaneously letting the pressure off the team. I am one of those people. I'm so happy because of what the team accomplished this year - but how do you expect a person (or a city) to react?

The team should have used the momentum that the city's joy provided. Instead, they took 8 days off (not by choice, but you know what I mean), they basked in their own greatness for a little too long and decided that round 4 was a bonus.

Remember that the Senators faced a very good opponent in the Anaheim Ducks, but they faced excellent competition before in these playoffs, and should have been able to overcome, as they had in previous rounds.

Perhaps this is something that can be remedied in the upcoming year. The Sens got more experience and more self-confidence during this offseason. The CBC lost one chart from their 'belittle the Senators' graphics folder - now every one of this year's Senators has been to the finals. Before this year (as we're often reminded), only Saprykin and Gerber had been to the Big Dance.

Now I'm off to buy a Eastern Conference Champions t-shirt at 30% off!
Go 07-08 Sens!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kyle & Ebert (Siskel is Dead)

And Roeper doesn't like hockey... with that here are my thumbs up/down:


To begin, Ottawa failed to win the Stanley and that I give a THUMBS DOWN!


So they lost, but that's alright, Anaheim was clearly the better team in this series. Besides it means now we get to look forward to next year and a whole new exciting season of hockey. Congrats obviously firstly to the Ducks for their great play, and secondly to Chris Phillips and for at least generating SOME kind of offence for Ottawa. I'll give that the two SARCASTIC THUMBS UP!


But all is not lost, as in every day that brings disappointment some positive light can be seen, and yesterday was no different.

So the Islanders clearly thought Yashin was a better investment off the ice at 2 million dollars, rather than on the ice at 6. For any die hard Sens fan this has to be good news (even though Yashin can now just go sign with another club for a reduced... let's say 4 million a season, and will still be raking in 6 million.)

Either way it's a slap in the face Alexi Yashin and to that I give a THUMBS UP!


I lost a hockey pool at work. If Anaheim had scored the winning goal during the 17th minute or the 7th minute of any period I would have won... however it came in the 15th minute and thus there goes my $2. Poo. I give that a THUMBS DOWN!


Finally, with the off season now here the attention will turn to wheelin' and dealin' as everyone tries to make their team better for next year. Ottawa only has 3 big names on the Unrestricted Free Agent market, Comrie, McAmmond & Preissing. With the cap going up Muckler has a little room to play around. (Maybe he can ditch Gerber)... but all in all i wouldn't expect that many changes... first of all because it's Muckler and that's not how he rolls, but secondly because let's remember, this team did make it to the Stanley Cup finals. Therefore I forsee a few modifications, but not much change, and to that I give a THUMBS UP!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Leave your clichés at home

Leave you "I believe" T-shirt at home. We already got more than what we believed in.

Head out to the bar tonight and just drink in the playoff atmosphere - that's what I'll be doing (and it's a pun, haha!).

Our Ottawa Senators have put on quite a show for us this past month, and we should thank them for it. I won't write one of those "look how far we've come" articles - you've seen 3 of them already before heading to this site.

What I will say is this: This year's Senators have changed the franchise, and indeed, the philosophy behind a successful playoff team.

No amount of success will change what some people call 'chokers'. That label is simply an indication of a person's insecurity in their own team. Instead, notice the change in the city of Ottawa; the pride exhibited at City Hall and on Elgin Street, as well as in living rooms across the province. If you thought every one of these people believed before the 3rd round, you are mistaken.

So tonight, leave that cliché at home, simply bring a smile and the knowledge that your team has accomplished what many politicians have merely attempted: they've inspired a city.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Play every period like it's your last first

I had to take some time to think before writing this blog. I have a very mixed reaction to this game.

First period - fantastic. They came out with a fire that has been absent in games 1 and 2, and we saw sparks of it in game 3. After 20 minutes I was very satisfied with the team's effort. Fisher was crashing and banging the Ducks, Heatley and Spezza were playing much better (probably in part due to the absence of Pronger), and the all the other lines were doing their thing with some success.

I think the late goal in the first was what sunk us. Yeah - strange indeed. How could a goal possibly lead to a team's demise? Well listen up Junior, and I will lecture you in the way of the human mind.

While Bryan Murray was congratulating his team for an excellent first period that gave the sens a slim lead, the Ducks' coach was giving his team enough bitching to last 3 periods. We let our foot off the gas, whereas the Ducks knew they had to play better - and they did for the rest of the game.

Look at the potential of the Senators, as exemplified by the first period. Could any team play any better?

But you know what happened next, the Sens let the game slip away. But unlike following game 2, I was proud of the Senators. We gave a good effort in this one, the results were the game as Game 2, but the way we got there was different. There was effort, there were scoring opportunities, there was heart.

We could not ask for a better goalie than Ray Emery. He is our MVP, no question in my mind.

The Sens are now facing elimination.
If we have to give these bastards our lives, we give them hell before we do!

From 'The Bank' To Your Home:

Just in case hockey hasn't been the only thing on your mind all day... and supposing you're not sweating red in anticipation of tonight's game... and assuming your nerves aren't tight enough already and you're not completely psyched, here's a couple pieces of game footage taken right before Game 3 on Saturday.

Right before they begin the starting lineup... the "Hype Phase".

As they're announcing the starting lineup... the "OMG Rayzor Phase".

During the Canadian anthem, see the flag and everyone in the building, thus the...

Enjoy the game tonight everyone!

P.S. that's the first time I've ever actually uploaded to YouTube, love it... not gonna lie.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

A different team tonight

If you read back a few blogs, you'll know how disappointed I was with the Senators after Game 2. Tonight, an entirely different team showed up.

Following the CBC's lead, I will heap praise on Chris Neil. You could tell that he was inspired. He had to attend the birth of his first child last night - I guess the lack of sleep made him cranky. If I were Bryan Murray I would arrange for a few annoying phone calls on Sunday night to keep him in a pissy mood.

Who else can I praise? Hmmm... Fisher played an excellent game once again. He's playing with an edge that we don't normally see. Volchenkov was more offence-minded than most games, which obviously paid off for the sens tonight. Honourable mention should go to Mike Comrie for a gritty effort, we haven't seen this type of play from him since Round 2. And although he was overlooked in the play-by-play, I think Oleg Saprykin once again played a great game - he knows his role and plays it to perfection.

Ray Emery was as good as he had to be tonight. I believe Harry Neale said before the game that Emery would have to be near-perfect for the sens to win this one. I guess he proved that wrong.

Daniel Alfredsson's goal was questionable. I guess you gotta play well to be lucky. We should all thank the Hockey Gods for that one.

Slightly better game from Spezza and Heatley, but they've gotta pick up their games even more if the Senators are going to win this series.

The Senators always seem to play their best hockey after a goal, whether it is for or against them. This led to to say something that was simultaneously the most insightful and most retarded line in these playoffs: "If they scored more they'd be a better team." Yes, I am the hockey Buddha.

As I've said in other game recaps, you can tell what type of game the sens are bringing after the first period. During the intermission I said something that I hadn't said previously in this series: "I'm feeling good about this one." Whether they won or lost tonight I would have been proud of their effort. I'm looking forward to Game 4.

We need ideas people!

How would you solve the Senators scoring problems? Will they sort themselves out? It's just a few hours before game time, but I think we can get a few crazy suggestions to Bryan Murray before then.

My ideas:
  1. Gerber starts in net, Emery plays left wing with Heatley and Spezza
  2. The dramatic return of Alexei Yashin
  3. If we're losing after 2 periods, Sens fans throw ducks onto the ice until the game is called off
So what do you think? Should we stay the course? I'll post the best answers on the front page.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Win Free Sens Tickets (100-Level)!

That's right, you've got a chance to win 2 tickets to Game 3 and it's not going to cost you a thing, except some of your time and a lot of your luck. Tiger Gaming is hosting a charity poker tournament online in memory of Elgin Alexander Fraser. If you havn't heard of this kid yet then you've been living under a rock, but check out this article, he was really something.

For every player who registers for the tournament Tiger Gaming is going to donate a dollar to Roger's House in Elgin's memory. I've posted the details below... what are you waiting for... it's a great cause and a fun event so go register!


Hi Sens Fans! is excited to see the Sens doing so well and wants to give every fan a chance to see the game. Plus we heard the story of Alexander "Elgin" Fraser and wanted to do our part. Please be aware only people who live within 200 kms of Ottawa (Canada) City Center are eligible to win this tournament. We apologize if you have received this invitation in error.

We are running a FREEROLL (free tournament) at 7 pm June 1st.
First place is 2 “100 Level” tickets to Game 3 with all the trimmings valued at over $2,500!


TigerGaming will donate $1 for every tournament participant* to Roger's House in memory of Alexander "Elgin" Fraser.
Even if you can't play poker, do it for the donation and you might get lucky!

Go here for complete details


To support the cause and get your chance at the hottest tickets around right now:

1) Click Here and enter your TigerGaming Sign-In Name and the Promotion Code: HOCKEY

2) You will instantly be credited the 500 "Gold Bars" you need to register for the tournament. You can now register anytime after 0:00
EST May 28th. For instructions on how to register for a tournament go here.

3) Play in the tournament at 7pm EDT on Friday June 1st with your fellow Sens fans. The winner will receive the Game 3 VIP Prize Pack including 2 “100 Level” Tickets with an estimated value of over $2,500! There is a maximum of 5,000 spaces in the tournament.

4) Remember the more the merrier; we are donating $1 to Roger's House for every player that participates*. Make sure to invite your friends from the area that may not have TigerGaming accounts.

* To a maximum of $5,000.

This might be your only chance to get Game 3 tickets without mortgaging your house and all while helping Roger's House! We want the tournament to be full so we can give the full $5000 donation to the charity. Feel free to pass this info on to your friends that aren’t TigerGaming members yet.

Have fun, help the cause and GO SENS GO!

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