Monday, June 25, 2007

Gerber's better than the alternative

Would it be so bad if Martin Gerber returned for another season? Considering the price that Ray Emery may command this summer in restricted free agency, Gerber may be the only constant that the Senators have right now. (Constantly mediocre, some would say).

I remember watching Gerber in the first game of last season against the Toronto Maple Leafs, he put Raycroft to shame in a solid outing with several spectacular saves. It may simply be that Gerber must have a return to form. Not giving him the time to re-shape his game may be a decision the Senators regret.

Despite the playoff success, Emery is still a wildcard and is not a proven long-term solution for the Sens. We may look back at this time next year and be in the same situation with an Emery/Kelly Guard goaltending combo.

Bryan Murray, trade the guy if you can, but don't take some crap back. We've got no one waiting in the wings from the farm system this time. So if you mess up, there's no one to save the Senators next season. Gerber's an expensive backup plan, but he's better than the alternative - no plan at all.
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