Monday, June 4, 2007

Play every period like it's your last first

I had to take some time to think before writing this blog. I have a very mixed reaction to this game.

First period - fantastic. They came out with a fire that has been absent in games 1 and 2, and we saw sparks of it in game 3. After 20 minutes I was very satisfied with the team's effort. Fisher was crashing and banging the Ducks, Heatley and Spezza were playing much better (probably in part due to the absence of Pronger), and the all the other lines were doing their thing with some success.

I think the late goal in the first was what sunk us. Yeah - strange indeed. How could a goal possibly lead to a team's demise? Well listen up Junior, and I will lecture you in the way of the human mind.

While Bryan Murray was congratulating his team for an excellent first period that gave the sens a slim lead, the Ducks' coach was giving his team enough bitching to last 3 periods. We let our foot off the gas, whereas the Ducks knew they had to play better - and they did for the rest of the game.

Look at the potential of the Senators, as exemplified by the first period. Could any team play any better?

But you know what happened next, the Sens let the game slip away. But unlike following game 2, I was proud of the Senators. We gave a good effort in this one, the results were the game as Game 2, but the way we got there was different. There was effort, there were scoring opportunities, there was heart.

We could not ask for a better goalie than Ray Emery. He is our MVP, no question in my mind.

The Sens are now facing elimination.
If we have to give these bastards our lives, we give them hell before we do!
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