Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Black Mask!

...yeah, what's the deal with that?

It was a bigger story last week, but I think the story has only just begun.

Martin Biron wore a white mask for a whole season while he was awaiting being traded away from Buffalo. An Ottawa journalist questioned Martin Gerber about his plain new mask and whether this was a form of protest - Gerber responded "That's B.S."

Gerber stated it was simply the newest edition of the mask he gets from iTech and has not yet been painted - he's just trying it out.

Keep in mind that the Sens just changed their logo, and so a mask might just be in the process of being painted with the new logo... but the Sens organization has known for a long time that they would be introducing a new logo, so couldn't they have just sent the plans before hand?

Gerber, as mentioned earlier, got a shutout in his first pre-season start. In last night's game against the Washington capitals Gerber allowed 3 goals on 18 shots - not a great outing.

Let's keep in mind that Emery is making progress and will likely make a start in the pre-season.

Will Gerber keep his black mask? That will depend on his emotional state more than anything.
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