Thursday, September 13, 2007

A little look forward, a little look back

As every NHL season is unique-and not in that humouring "every child is unique" sorta way-the Sens have some interesting conundrums to deal with this year. Let's explore them, shall we?

The Gerber Ultimatum - The man has said that he wants out of Ottawa. But not so fast there, G-spot - the Sens may need you yet. Starter Ray Emery will be recovering from wrist surgery to start the season, so Ottawa will need Gerber to at least fill in. An exceptional pre-season could lead to a few early-season starts-who knows? ...and after that, anything could happen - just look at last season.

Heatley, Spezza signings - Until the day that both of these excellent players sign new contracts, this situation will weigh on the Senators shoulders all season. So GM Bryan Murray, get 'er done! Unless the Senators manage to sign one or both of these forwards, the core of the team will change next off season (especially with Redden's money freed up).

The young guns - I read today that Nick Foligno has a spot on the fourth line already! That's a bit shocking to me, but I've never seen the guy play. My fellow Sens Army blogger Peter has stated that Russian prospect Ilya Zubov may be able to centre the second line! (I am shocked, again.) This season will surely see many players from the farm team do their thang in the big league, and I'm looking forward to seeing the future of the franchise.

A big PS - Senators Preseason TV schedule on Rogers 22 in Ottawa

Tuesday, September 18 Ottawa vs Philadelphia 7 pm
Thursday, September 20 Ottawa vs Washington 7 pm
Tuesday, September 25 Ottawa vs Philadelphia 7 pm
Saturday, September 29 Ottawa vs Montreal 7 pm
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