Friday, September 28, 2007

"I've got a problem with people giving me traumatic blows to the head"

Dear Dean McAmmond,

You are awesome. It's no wonder why so many players have called you to wish their best since Steve Downie tried to kill you a few days ago.

Seeing your playing style last year immediately made me one of your biggest fans. Especially in the Eastern Conference Finals against Buffalo when you assisted on Oleg Saprykin's game-winning goal. You're probably one of my favourite all-time players. So much so that, when the Senators extended your contract, I gave myself a celebratory mohawk to commemorate the great event.

What cemented your spot as one of my all-time favourites, though, were your comments to the media yesterday:
"Everyone is saying that I've got concussion problems. I don't feel like I have concussion problems at all. I've got a problem with people giving me traumatic blows to the head, that's what I've got a problem with."

In the playoffs last year, I was ready to fight Chris Pronger. Just as I was prepared to fight Downie on Tuesday night.

Anyway, I hope you get well soon, because Daniel Alfredsson needs someone to kill penalties with.
Take care,

P.S. Can you please sign the enclosed 8x10s, one of which is for me, and the two others are for my friends of the same name? Thank you very much.
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