Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sens Third Jersey on the way?

The Sens may not be playing great hockey lately, but at least, they might look good doing it. Well, next year anyways, as apparently, the organization will unveil a third jersey to complement this year's RBK redesign.

There are conflicting reports as to what the jersey will look like. The strongest rumour I have heard was about a return of the black template, I presume with gold piping or something.

Another rumour has the Sens introducing (get this) a gold jersey, with "Sens" spelled out diagonally in front, Rangers-style. Scary.

I'd definitely be more in favour of a black uniform. And perhaps the Sens could use that mysterious redesigned 2-d logo that has only appeared on some Sens memorabilia so far...

An anonymous fellow blogger has a great website he set up called NHL Tournament of Logos. He started the blog to discuss the major make-over the league underwent this summer. You can view his blog (including an entry about said golden sens third jersey) right here.
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