Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Momentum building on Blackhawks deal

In this morning's paper, the Ottawa Sun reports what many blogs (see below) have been saying for days: a deal is in the works with Chicago and perhaps Los Angeles that would involve Antoine Vermette, Andre Meszaros, and maybe even Martin Gerber.

The outsider - It's comming!!!

Sens Chirp - Getting close

(Do trade rumours make these guys reach orgasm, or what?)

These same blogs have also stated that Meszaros and Bryan Murray are still far from reaching a deal ($1.5M gap), a rumour reinforced by the Sun article.

I don't think acquiring Nikolai Khabibulin (and his incredible salary) would be an improvement over Gerber in terms of talent, but perhaps worth the trouble if it means acquiring a solid young forward like Anze Kopitar or Alexander Frolov in some kind of three-way deal. Cam Barker is also rumoured to be the Sens #1 target off the Blackhawks roster.

And just let me say, if Vermette does get moved... I CALLED IT! (Dec 2007) (Including re-signing Kelly prediction - booyah)

Update: I must add that many bloggers are correct - there is no way that LA would move Kopitar.
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