Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ottawa Citizen says a mouthful in just one paragraph

From today's Ottawa Citizen:
Martin Gerber can probably breathe a little easier with Alex Auld and not Ray Emery waiting in the wings to be the Ottawa Senators' No. 1 goalie.
When Alex Auld is so obviously challenging for the #1 goaltending spot on your team... it's not a good thing. And doesn't this paragraph implicitly reveal that HWSNBN is/was a much better goalie than Auld? Isn't it true?

I still cannot understand the Ottawa media's support for Martin Gerber. Patrick Lalime was run out of town for much less (and he won more than zero playoff series, and more than 2 playoff games - often in the same series. Okay, calm down Ben, this isn't about Lalime).
"In my career, when I've been on the bench, I've probably been the other goalie's biggest fan and supporter, and you hope for the same when you're in net, too."
Screw that! Take the #1 spot. I would be much happier to support an overachiever than an overpaid underachiever. (2007 Stanley Cup playoffs ring any bells?)
"I see both of us as No. 1 goalies"
Sadly, on this team, that will be the case.

Only 342 days until Gerber's contract ends!
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