Wednesday, April 8, 2009

UPDATE: Choosin' Clouston

(You can use that, Ottawa Sun, if you want)

Cory Clouston turned around a terrible season for the Senators and compiled a 19-10-3 record while head coach. He's now been signed to a two-year contract to stay in Ottawa and work his magic as head coach. He deserves this tribute:

There once was a man from Bingo
Who was set up with a team of bozos
He told them to stop bitchin
While Murray's trigger finger was itchin'
Now he's gotta buy a condo

Anyone else have a limerick in them?

Some great poetry came out of our comments, and I believe they deserve to be noted:

From Pletch:

Gather 'round and I'll tell you a story,
'Bout a hard-nosed coach named Cory,
He got the Sens turned around,
The old magic they've found,
And next year the team's bound for glory.

From Oman:

There once was an Anonymous troller,
And on every Blog he would holler,
Now all he can do is suck it.

...Did I mention he was from Cantuckit?

A haiku from Warren:

Hopeful in Autumn
Terrible 'til Coach Clouston
Then resurrected

Anonymous says...

even without the meszys and reddens
the team was headed to dead ends
they played like shit
looked like they wanted to quit
but somehow wheeled celeb g-friends

and (my favourite because it ends in a word that does not yet exist)

kelly is probly the leanest
neiler is probly the meanest
they werent there quite
clouston made them unite
now ladys be grindin his peanest

Anyone else want to contribute? Throw it in the comments!
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