Thursday, April 2, 2009

Murray shifts the blame

The Ottawa Citizen has an article today that has Bryan Murray shifting the blame to his players, specifically Speatfredsson. You must be kidding me.

If not for the late-season miracle of Murray picking Clouston (for lack of a better option, no doubt) to coach the team for the remainder of the season, it would certainly be Murray's head on a stake this summer.

Trades and signings (both successful and unsuccessful) aside, it was Murray who picked the Senators' past three coaches and sent them into the tailspin that they experienced this season and last.

Murray desperately tried to mold a puck-moving defensive core out of the Senators this season. Unforgettably, he traded away Joe Corvo (37 points so far this year) for a couple of rentals from the Carolina Hurricanes last season. What was he thinking?

His ass might be spared this summer thanks to Clouston's arrival, but make no mistake, the past two seasons of disappointment have been Murray's doing (his best move was getting rid of Gerber two expensive years too late).

When pinkslips are given to other NHL GMs this summer, Bryan Murray should look up to the heavens and think, "There, but for the grace of God, go I".
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