Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Keep in mind: Alfredsson's Swedish

Ahhhhh!!! Peter Forsberg!!! ahhhhhh!!!

Wouldn't that be wicked? Canoe.ca is reporting that Sens' GM Bryan Murray has been in contact with Forsberg's agent simply to let the them know that Ottawa is interested in acquiring the free agent centre.

Forsberg has said that he would like to return to one of his previous NHL teams or play in Sweden this season.

Keep 3 things in mind;
  1. Daniel Alfredsson is Swedish - maybe they're best friends, maybe they talk, maybe they share the same piece of dental floss every morning.
  2. The Senators need a centre. Forsberg would look mighty good on the Sens' second or third line playing with Alfredsson and Vermette.
  3. This would likely put the Senators over the cap limit. According to NHLscap.com, the sens have about $4.4 million free for this season, but a hellofva lot more for next year. Maybe signing Forsberg to a 2-year deal with a pay boost next season would sound attractive.
Seem likely? Argue it out in the comments.
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