Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back in black: Third jersey leaked

You may have already seen this at Icethetics, The 6th Sens, or Sens Chirp, but the new black Senators' third jersey that will debut Nov. 22 has allegedly been leaked. Nothing is safe, nothing!

It fits with the teaser you can see at the Sens' official website from the neck up, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is actually the jersey. I am a little disappointed, however... I thought (hoped?) it was going to be a throwback-retro style jersey or something, but it's moving even more towards the modern/post-modern newfangled design garbage. It's just so busy; less is more, Senators graphic designers.

Maybe this grainy thumbnail image isn't doing the jersey justice, it'll probably look pretty slick on the ice (and thank heavens there aren't gaudy, heavy gold lines across the bottom), but I was hoping for something to rival the Islanders', Penguins', or Sabres' throwbacks.
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