Monday, February 2, 2009

Hartsburg canned, Clouston called up

As everyone (originally TSN, and also Ben right on this blog) is reporting, Craig Hartsburg has been fired by the Ottawa Senators. He compiled a 17-24-7 record, good for 41 points and 28th in the league.

According to the Ottawa Sun, Binghamton Senators head coach Cory Clouston is expected to be named interim head coach of the Ottawa Senators. No word yet on who will take over in Bingo.

It's fitting that the Senators just lost to a reborn Washington Capitals team, because this Clouston decision sounds a lot like people trying to find a way to replicate Bruce Boudreau's success with the Caps. Boudreau was recruited from the Hershey Bears and named interim head coach of the Caps in November 2007, and his success his bosses dropped the 'interim' tag and kept him on full time. With Clouston, if things work out (and there's a pretty loose definition of that right now), he sticks around. If not, he heads back to Bingo next year, and the Sens do the interview process for the third off-season in a row.

It's also interesting to note that some Binghamton fans have been calling for Clouston's head to roll after a few consecutive poor seasons for the B-Sens, this season notwithstanding. Bingo has missed the playoffs for the last three seasons, and lost in the first and preliminary rounds in the seasons previous. Time will tell how he does in the NHL.
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