Monday, February 2, 2009

No Habs No: Shawn Thornton

For his contributions to the No Habs No! campaign, Shawn Thornton will receive the following letter and bonus (I don't think it will count against the salary cap):

The Boston Bruins, with three games won against Montréal (from Thornton, Blake Wheeler, and Zdeno Chara) are now tied for the most contributions with the New Jersey Devils (Zach Parise twice, and Johnny Oduya). Plus the Habs have now lost five of their last six games; huzzah! The campaign, with a record of 17-11-4, really seems to be picking up now.

To support the campaign, you can do any combination of the following:
  • Join the 180+ fans on our Facebook page.
  • Donate some amount via PayPal to
  • Visit our swag shop (Be the second on your block, or at least in the world, to own a No Habs No! large mug!).
  • Express support and solidarity by commenting on the blog.
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