Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ganging up on the Habs

No Habs No, a campaign created by Peter of this blog and Silver Seven Sens to make fun of the Montreal Canadiens and give away money (Peter's got too much of it, his accountant told him), started a cascade of bad karma for the team. ]

I was in Montreal this weekend and I noticed that even their sports writers and fans are ganging up on the team.

Exhibit A (from this morning's La Presse):

The writer doesn't mention the campaign in the article, but I bet he's heard about it.

In Saturday's La Presse, they used a very misleading chart to emphasize how Jaroslav Halak is much better than Carey Price recently (of course, this was before last night's 5-2 loss). The chart had names and GAA, but not games played or wins. It's kind of cruel. I'm starting to feel sorry for Kovalev and co.

Still, it's hard not to think that this is all karma catching up to Montreal after stuffing the ballot box at the all-star game and singing 'Ole' all the time for no good reason (seriously: it's in Spanish and has no relation to the team).

But that's enough ganging up... Tonight's Sens game against the Rangers should be a fun one, as two teams on winning streaks tangle to see who's got the goods, and who's just messing with their fans minds in the final stages of the season.

If the Sens can pull off a win, I'll take them off notice (they've been on the list since a sad December day). The first time a name has ever been removed from the list. It will be historic.
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