Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Sens Management Should Find More Celebs For Players To Date

When Bryan Murray traded to reacquire Mike Comrie from the Islanders, he did not just get a solid second-line centre, he picked up pop star Hillary Duff in the bargain. As Comrie’s main squeeze, the Duffster has been known to show up at games to cheer her man on, just like Mike Fisher’s current GF, Carrie Underwood (although by all appearances she tried to keep her attendance at games incognito for awhile for some inexplicable reason).

Murray should try playing matchmaker and getting Brian Lee set up with Miley Cyrus (when she’s of age, of course), or perhaps getting Peter Regin set up with Duffy. Why, do you ask? Why should we care? Well it’s about filling up seats in Scotiabank Place during a season that was below expectations, where playoffs are a long shot at best. You have only to attend a concert by any of the above performers with your daughter or a niece to see the frenzy caused by the mere presence of these pop idols on stage. It taps into a hitherto neglected potential sector of the Sens’ fanbase: girls who don’t care about hockey.

Mike has a problem. He really wants to go to the Sens game this Saturday, but he knows his wife will bitch about him not spending enough quality time with the kids. His son is a big hockey fan, but his daughter is a big Hillary Duff fan. Problem solved. Mike pitches the attendance of a Sens game to his wife as a means of spending time with the kids, and for them to explore their own interests – namely trying to spot Hillary Duff in the crowd (daughter) or following the game (son). In any case, Mike gets to go to the game and doesn’t have to take grief from the missus.

There could also be some pretty cool intermission promotions, the more celebs Sens players have in their stable. Could you imagine a scenario where Hillary Duff and Duffy slug it out (foxy boxing) to see who truly gets to lay claim of the Queen of Duff? I know some guys who haven’t been to a game in years that would buy tickets just to see that. Or how about the kiss-cam zeroing in on Ms. Underwood and Ms. Duff? Come on ladies, don’t leave us hanging…

So logically this offseason, the Sens should try to acquire Dion Phaneuf to get Elisha Cuthbert in the bargain (assuming she doesn’t move on by then to another player). Right? The only pitfall with this strategy would be going after a marginal player who has a blazing hot GF. Just remember: the quality of the player comes first, the rest is gravy.
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