Thursday, October 25, 2007

Forsberg speculation a symptom of boredom

As we're all aware, the Senators haven't played a game in a long time (like a week!). As a couple of sports journalists once told me (let's just say their names rhyme with Save Saylor and Ian Mendes), sometimes you just gotta make some shit up.

When they're nothing to report on, find or make something to report on.

This, I'm sorry to inform you, is the cause of the recent speculation regarding Peter Forsberg's possible signing with Ottawa.

The journalists are bored, so they call up Forsberg's agent and get him to say the words "Ottawa" or "Senators" in any sort of context, and then they print.

ie: Forsberg says he wants to be "in Ottawa".

This is the sad truth everyone. Sports journalists, stop playing with our emotions.

PS: I appreciate "Save Saylor's" and "Ian Mendes'" truthfulness when speaking with student media, and I hope they continue to do so - those guys rock.
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