Monday, October 8, 2007

Sigh... another win for Ottawa...

I'm just kidding, these wins will never get old.

In what was the first game I was able to watch in its entirety--I missed the first three thanks to unfortunately-timed classes and weddings/wedding preparations--I was treated to a strong performance. Well, a strong two periods, anyway... that third period wasn't quite as strong.

You know who played well all game? Martin Gerber. Good for you, Gerbinator, make it as hard as you can for Bryan Murray to decide what to do once Ray Emery comes back from his injury. And for the record, I hope you are actually expecting a new Sens-themed mask, because I love it when goalies get new masks.

Also, no matter what Ben says, Andrej Meszaros has improved since last year. While Wade Redden has also improved, there were a few moments where Meszaros bailed him out--although Reds bailed out Mesz a few times, too, so they're even.

You know who impressed me most, though? Chris Kelly and Antoine Vermette. What an incredible synergy these two have... my goodness. And somehow Chris Neil almost manages to keep up with them when they're in the same line, forming perhaps Ottawa's most consistent and certainly the most energetic line in tonight's game. These two will also not make Murray's off-season very easy.

You know who was alright? Luke Richardson. Not nearly as slow as I would have thought, and he played over 12 minutes of ice time without a mistake that I remember.

Oh yeah, and the CASH line did alright. Three assists for Jason Spezza, a goal and an assist for both Dany Heatley and Daniel Alfredsson. Not a bad night, I guess.

Also, I'm sure Sens fans can forgive me for cheering when Karel Rachunek got an assist. I liked him when he was here, and was devastated when we traded him for *shudder* Greg deVries. Maybe we'll re-sign him if we have to move Joe Corvo this off-season--although I like Corvo, too.

So, 4-0 to start the season. Not too shabby.
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