Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Senators of Ottawa will settle the roster of team!

*Written in English and translated to Russian and back to English in honour of Ottawa's two Russian prospects, Ilya Zubov and Alexander Nikulin. Here's hoping you're with the Ottawa Senators soon enough.*

On October 1st, Senators of Ottawa club of hockey have chosen the final roster for the team, appointing five players on their branch of insignificant league in Binghamton. Defenders Brian Lee and Larry Nycholat just as forwards Denis Hamel (the not big surprise there), Ilya Zubov, and Alexander Nikulin all will go.

That it means, draft-choice in volume 2006 of the project, Nick Foligno, earned a spot of the roster during a season, and good for him. I imagine, that he will play on third- or the fourth-line, or if he does show some offensive skill then can be advanced for a second- or even a role of the first-line. It also means, that Luke Richardson will play as the seventh defender of Ottawa, and that Christoph Schubert could play very well be starting defenceman to begin a season.

Unfortunately, two strong Russian prospects of Ottawa, Zubov and Nikulin, both withdraw to the farm. Apparently Nikulin has chosen not his contract to return to Russia, and will report to Binghamton. On blog of Nikulin, he has told, that he expected to make the team of Ottawa:
"To tell the truth, I counted on spot in the basic roster. Also, I consider, I can benefit Senators."
-Alexander Nikulin
It is probable, that Russians sent to Binghamton for some reasons:
  1. To study English language.
  2. Further to adapt to North American game.
  3. As there was only one spot of the roster, holding Nikulin and Zubov--as two friend Russians--on the same team together possibly will help their progress.
  4. The senior Senators require the help of depth, not such big help with grace and scoring.
  5. Binghamton really requires the help of a scorer.
On defence, should be disappointed is Nycholat. He had decent educational-training camp, but only it was so difficult to crack the defence list of Ottawa that there was no room for him. Probably that, as he must clear waivers, Nycholat will have an opportunity to play on other team of NHL. Lee was first-round choice in 2005 draft of Ottawa, and the majority of people doubted that he is able to make defence of Ottawa consisting of all-stars already.
“I feel that I have played pretty well when I was here. It would be desirable, and hopefully they are able to call to me if someone will be injured or something as this."
-Brian Lee (in English, then Russian, then English again)
Apparently the line of CASH--Daniel Alfredsson, Dany Heatley, and Jason Spezza--it is reunited (and it feels so good) for the beginning a season. I do not know why, but it matters not. John Paddock is primary coach, and I am simply a fanatic.
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