Friday, October 12, 2007

Damned hurricanes.

Pretty impressive Carolina Hurricanes team last night, I'll tell you. They looked pretty darn good, the class of the Southeast Division for sure, and they'll probably be one of the best teams in the East overall.

Especially impressive; Erik Cole. Apparently one of few true powerforwards in the league today, he looked pretty powerful. Cam Ward looked alright, too.

The speed and transition of the 'Canes are really what killed the Sens, especially since Ottawa played six games in nine nights, including a game the night before in Atlanta.

Despite what Team 1200 host Glen Kulka seems to think, playing six games in eight nights will inevitably wear a team down, so they won't be playing their best on the final game. Kulka suggested that fatigue was merely an excuse;
"Excuses are likes butt-holes, everyone has them. But not everyone uses them."
-Glen Kulka, the Team 1200
Constipation aside, I think the Sens are entitled to use an excuse right now. After a 5-1 start, I'm not ready to call into the post-game show and call for heads to start rolling.

Despite the loss, Martin Gerber looked alright. His kryptonite was still rebounds, but once he makes the first save it's up the the guys around him to clear the front of the net.

The late-game comeback was also impressive. Although incomplete, those two quick goals--by Mike Fisher and Joe Corvo--late in the third had me pretty excited for a comeback. Although it's disappointing that we haven't yet seen a full sixty-minute effort from the team, it's nice to know we can stay in the game until the guys decide to start playing.

Daniel Alfredsson obviously had an awesome game again. Hart Trophy candidate, for sure. And Antoine Vermette for the Selke, too.

EDIT: For the record, even though I tagged this with 'Idiots in the media', I don't think Kulka's an idiot. He's a little irrational and sometimes he says cliches that are meaningless, entirely out of context, or he mixes metaphors, but he's not an idiot.
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