Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I think I just threw up a little bit

It's all about the Leafs, isn't it?

As soon as the Senators drop their old (and I do mean 'old') GM, John Muckler, reports are coming out of a number of media outlets (TSN, National Post) that the Leafs could use a man of his talents. Last time I checked with Gary Bettman, there are 30 teams in the NHL. I don't think I have to remind hockey fans that a lot of these teams suck.

So before you jump on the "yeah JFJ sucks, but Muckler would help!" bandwagon, just remember that there are a ton of teams where the GM is useless compared to John "The Gargoyle" Muckler, and ol' Mucks is going to look at the whole league (for at least a week) before choosing his next destination.

I think this is just sensationalized journalism, based on pure speculation and wishful thinking on the part of the Toronto media. Also, it's just another pleasant reminder that the Leafs don't just want to be like the Senators, they do, in fact, want to be the Ottawa Senators.
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