Sunday, June 10, 2007

What is Ray Emery worth?

It's hard to say that the goaltender that brought the Senators to the Stanley Cup isn't worth as much as the one that's sitting on the bench, and I'm sure that's frustrating for Ray Emery.

Ray-zor is a restricted free agent this summer and another team could put together an offer sheet to draw him away from the Senators. What is he worth? $4 million? That's the number I've heard on the airwaves... and it's scaring me.

Everyone knows the solution to this problem: John Muckler has to move Martin Gerber. The only downside it that it will likely cost the Senators someone else. Namely, a player like Schubert or Eaves.

If Muckler can find a way to move Gerber then there's hope. If not, then the future of the Senators goaltending is as much in the air as it was when Gerber first dropped the ball (puck) at the beginning of this season.
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