Saturday, June 23, 2007

Remember the good old days?

Do you remember when the Senators used to suck? When we didn't make the playoffs? It was a long time ago, more than ten years.

We used to get all the top picks. Somehow we got the first overall pick 3 times between 1994 and 1997, which we used to select Brian Berard, Chris Phillips and Alexandre Daigle. What should this teach us? That first picks don't tell the story of a team, and that the Senators have been smart in alot of other areas, such as scouting and trades. With their 29th of the first round this year (victims of their own success, I suppose) the Senators chose James O'Brien from the University of Minnesota (what TSN says about him).

I don't know the guy, but judging by his name I would say that he's a blue-collar worker. His nickname could be "Jimmy", but I'm going to change it to "Conan" because he's a warrior. Also because I love Conan O'Brien.

It's just a bummer to have so many months of the Senators, even extending past the playoffs to the Murray/Muckler exchange. Now, I've had to wean myself off the Senators news and onto insane speculation.

I really thought we'd hear some rumors before the trade deadline, but we got nothing. So, I think that means Wade is sticking around for another season... at least the girls like him.
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