Saturday, July 7, 2007

Cole and Neale on the way out!

Bob Cole has been On Notice on the left side of your screen for some time now. We can thank him for such insightful quotes as, "It could be over! ...but maybe not!," as well as other non-sensical and contradictory phrases.

It now appears that the brass at the CBC began listening to their own broadcasts late last season and are now prepared to phase out Bob and Harry Neale. Harry I have nothing against, but if it's a package deal then go ahead and eliminate the lesser evil with the greater.

Chances are that Jim Hughson is going to take over the play-by-play. This means that from now on, every game is going to sound like NHL 2002 to me. If I begin yelling at HNIC with a Playstation controller in my hands, just ignore me.
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