Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lame Duck already?

Pull the trigger dammit! Last night, watching Live Free or Die Hard, Bruce Willis pulled the trigger, shooting himself in the chest (I won't tell you the result he had in mind) - now that's courage. I would like the Senators to pull the trigger on something very soon. Hopefully it won't result in many large explosions and a plot that takes the team across the United States in search of a techno-terrorist.

I was a little too forgiving of the Sens' GM Bryan Murray in the last post. Other than a little house-keeping, the Senators have made no moves so far in free agency. They've done nothing to improve the team that came to close to winning a Stanley Cup only weeks ago. Let the comparisons between Muckler and Murray continue...

Word is that the Senators still have their eye on Bill Guerin (and this move already has Ben's seal of approval). He's looking for 4-million per season, according to some reports. Based on their roles, I would say that the Sens are going to sign either Mike Comrie or Guerin, and I don't mind that the team apparantly favours Guerin.

We've heard so little news on the Comrie situation that I expect him to say 'enough!' very soon and move back to some crappy team that doesn't have a shot at winning anything.

Onto the Gerber debate...
After weeks of shopping him around, there still is no deal imminent to get Martin Gerber off the Senators' payroll. Dang.

Let's keep our eyes open for something in the next couple of weeks, because an outdated blog just looks bad.
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