Monday, July 2, 2007

Sens looking to next year's UFA's

It was either Ryan Smyth this year or Dany Heatley next year. I think the Senators have made the right decision by passing on this year's crop and waiting to sign their own UFA's next year. Hopefully Heatley and Jason Spezza can see that they're playing for a contender and sign a contract extension with the Sens during the off-season this year or during the 07-08 season.

The prices for players this year is ridiculous, I would never imagine Daniel Briere as a 10-million dollar player and I think that the Flyers will find out what he's actually worth all too soon. Call me a pessimist. Ryan Smyth has never scored more than 70 points in a season and he just scored a 6-million per season contract.

As much as it pains me to admit, I agree with Sean McCormick - this year's crop simply doesn't compare to next year's, and the NHL's GM's are going to regret splurging on the moderate talent that is available this off-season.

I had a great Canada Day. Because Canada is a great country and I have awesome friends to celebrate with. I hope you had the same.
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