Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ottawa Senators now on notice

The Sens Army Blog On Notice status is a place where entities go to die...

Mark Bell, Steve Downie, Alexei Yashin, Bob Cole, Gary Bettman, Sportsnet Television, Andrew Peters, Stephane Auger

...none of these people or TV stations were ever heard from again (okay, except sportsnet, which I watched the game on last night. Damn Ian Mendes' reconcilatory demeanor!). The above list is a collection of entities that have somehow wronged either this blog, or the fans of the Ottawa Senators.

In recent weeks, it has become clear that the Ottawa Senators is now itself an entity that is wronging its own fans. After last night's 4-1 loss to the Atlanta Thrashers, the Sens are now the lowest-scoring team in the NHL. Combined with allowing the fewest goals in the league, our home team is producing some of the most boring hockey seen on NHL ice in the past decade. The team sits 12th in the Eastern conference, only six points out of a playoff spot, but still so far from the expectations from its fans.

The time for individual blame is over. The lowest scoring team in the league cannot blame its second-line wingers for not producing, nor can it blame its third line for not checking hard enough. The chemistry is wrong and the will to win is not bubbling to the surface. Defenders are not communicating amongst themselves or with forwards in order to decrease scoring chances, or even checking the opposition. Coaching has been inadequate, failing to find a solution to the scoring woes of a potentially talented team. Recently suggested changes to the lineup have already been tried in past weeks and failed conclusively.

In the past few games, the Senators have tried to dance their way through opposition defenders. They've tried to cycle the puck endlessly, looking for an easy tap-in. They're tried shots from the point, with very little success. The powerplay opportunities look listless, and the boo-birds have taken note.

Chris Neil recently said that the Senators are a better team than their record (). That might be the case if the Senators had recently played some of the top teams in the league. Unfortunately for us all, the Sens have even been losing to the worst teams in the league as well as the mediocre ones. That means the Sens are exactly as bad as their record shows right now.

Sens fans demand success from their team. Right now, there is no one to blame but our own team. That is why the Ottawa Senators are now On Notice.

When it has been demonstrated by the team that they are back on the right track, and can bring their record back to respectability, they will be removed from the On Notice list. A short love-in will then be followed by a prayer to the Golden God, and all will again be right in the world. It's like the War Measures Act, extreme times call for extreme action, and let's pray it doesn't last for long.
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