Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gerber gets game against Chicago

Craig Hartsburg announced today that, with the team playing four games in six nights this week, Martin Gerber will get his first start in over a month on Wednesday against Chicago. Gerber's 1-4-1 record isn't pretty, and his play so far this season hasn't been, either, but he was going to get an opportunity to get back on the horse at some point soon.

Anyone who interprets this move as a result of Alex Auld's play last night against Florida is wrong. Auld has earned the number one position, and although he didnt' have his best game Monday, he's still the far-and-away number one going forward--regardless of what happens in the game on Wednesday. However, the fatigue that would come with playing 11 consecutive games, as Auld has done, may be a reason why he didn't play so well last night, and therefore why he's getting a rest on Wednesday.

It was also announced that Dean McAmmond didn't make the mini road-trip with the team, as he hasn't been able to shake the throat infection that has kept him out of the lineup since Nov. 22. Which is too bad, because--as fun as it is to watch Cody Bass play--the fourth line could really D-Mac's speed.

For anyone who hasn't got TSN2, there are (somewhat illegitimate) ways you can watch the game, anyway: Live streaming online. It doesn't appear to be available on that old standby, myP2P.eu, but the folks at The Senate Committee are saying they're going to have the streamcast available on their blog, so check it out.

In other, more immediate news, Montréal is playing Calgary tonight. No Habs No!
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