Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Sens Army has its first hero

During last night's game at Scotiabank Place a man tripped and fell over side of the third level and crashed onto a man and woman sitting in the 200's (AP story). This man is a hero.
"According to witnesses, the man sailed headfirst past and over a few stunned onlookers in the rows ahead of his seat before clearing the low railing at the bottom of the third level and falling onto a row of seats in the level immediately below."
Though he wasn't inebriated, this unnamed man was carrying two beers back to his seat when he tripped over a purse and fell over the barrier. I suppose at some point, the guy had to make a decision.

"Do I drop the beer, or do I take the hit and make a play?"

Being the heroic hero that this unnamed man is, he made the play. Shielding the equivalent of $16-worth of beer with his body, he fell over the glass and onto two unsuspecting Sens fans. Beware of flying objects, indeed.

Though this situation had the potential to be tragic, no one was injured

Not only did this guy make headlines, he also made history.
Mlakar said it was the first such accident in the 13-year-old arena's history.
Flying man, I salute you.

If you are this Sens fan, or maybe know his identity, please contact the Sens Army Blog so that we can properly salute this hero with some kind of plaque.
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