Thursday, October 11, 2007

Get out that old jersey, Rayzor

Ray Emery has been demoted to the Binghamton Senators!

Calm down, Emery superfans. It's not because of Brian Elliott's strong performance last night or Martin Gerber's solid play all season to date. It's just a conditioning stint.

Apparently Rayzor's going to get two games to get back into NHL-game shape, Oct. 12 against the Syracuse Crunch and Oct. 13 against the delicious, delicious-sounding Hershey Bears.

They might be the most-watched B-Sens games in the history of the franchise. I wish we could get them telecast in Ottawa... any Bingo natives who're able to torrent the game, please, let us all know so we can download the game and watch it.

So what this means is that Emery's about ready to get back and see some action. Will there be goaltending moves? Will Rayzor be given his job back, no questions asked, or will he have to earn it? Is it now Emery's job to lose? How will he react to that situation; Gerber had a job to lose last year, and he lost it like nobody's business. Will one of the two guys be traded?

It would be a shame if the Gerbinator got traded now, since he hasn't even had an opportunity to don his new mask in a game. And if Emery's traded... I don't know what I'd do. At this point, though, both guys have relatively low salaries for a starter, and relatively high market values, which means good things for the Senators.

If Emery comes back in the same form he was for most of last year, these are good times for Sens fans. In that the team's got a wealth of goaltending talent. Sweet.
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