Monday, August 31, 2009

Does a deadline matter?

The Dany Heatley saga is at a deadlock and a stalemate. It's going nowhere fast.

In a recent conference call with fans (an excellent idea, IMO, so kudos to the organization for that), Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray said that he would impose a deadline on Heatley to accept a trade. If he doesn't comply, Heater would risk spending the whole season with the Sens.

"I probably would be wise to (set) a deadline within a day or so and then stop trying. But I've got to at least do what's best for the organization and that is continue to work at it," Murray said.

But I think the past few months have made it abundantly clear that nothing is going to happen before training camp. And we know that if Murray was happy with any trade offer he was receiving for Heatley, he would present the offer to the former 39-goal man (yeah, I'm turning on you, Heater).

Lord knows that Murray would trade Heatley in the second period of opening night, if he could.

So what's the point of the deadline? I'm kind of baffled.

Is it to soothe the mind of season ticket holders? They would probably trade in all their tickets to kick Dany in the nuts 41 times.

Is it calling Heatley's bluff? He's already stated that he would return to the team and "try" his "best" (and not in those words).'s a weird thing to say, because it's toothless. Do you, loyal reader, believe that Murray would impose a deadline on himself? I bet he's just tired of calling 29 GMs everyday.
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