Monday, August 3, 2009

No way, (San) Jose

A few days ago, I came across this excellent piece of rebuttal from the National Post's Noah Love. Not one to be caught up in hype, Love predicted and dismissed the recently reported Dany Heatley-to-San Jose a full two weeks ago.

Yeah sure, the Canadiens could somehow be involved, adding another forward to the package, but Love's points remain: the deal just doesn't fit under the cap.

Getting back to the speculated San Jose/Ottawa deal, it's worth pointing out that it makes almost no sense for the Senators either. The Sens are pushing $2-million over the cap at the moment, and the suggestion that Ottawa takes back more than one player — say Marleau and Cheechoo — is absurd for both sides.

For the Senators, it puts them even further over the cap and gives them an expensive forward who produces little for the money (Cheechoo). For the Sharks, they take back a player whose salary — $1.2-million more than Marleau's — still takes a bite out of their cap number and leaves them short yet another forward.

In the magical scenario proposed by the Sun, the Sens would receive Cheechoo and defenceman Christian Erhoff (a combined 6.1 million in salary). Taking back Heatley's salary (7.5-million for the next five years) still adds to the Shark's cap woes, rather than relieving them.

So if you're wondering why San Jose GM Doug Wilson has been so reluctant to discuss his interest in such a deal, it's probably because he has none.
End of story.
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