Friday, August 21, 2009

Heatley says things you already knew

It was a pure telephone conference, in a tightly controlled environment, but the reporters finally got their questions in. And the result? Nada.

On reason for trade: Role was diminished and "I feel I'm a player that can play in a lot of different situations."

On trade to Edmonton: "I wasn't ready to make a decision at that time" ... "It has everything to do with the options. That's the bottom line" ... "I know there's more options out there".

On fans in Ottawa:
"I think, first of all, I love the fans in ottawa, I think it's a great city." ... ""I have nothing against the fans in Ottawa."

So what did we learn kiddies?

Well, we already learned it yesterday: Heatley will report to Sens training camp in a few weeks, and will not hold out.

I guess we'll wait for the real press conference. Thanks to Hockey Capital for posting the Heatley comments.

Update: Heatley says he didn't leak the trade to the media because he didn't want to cause a circus. I wouldn't be surprised if Bryan Murray was actually the one who did it in order to create this wave of resentment against Heatley, and force him to accept whatever trade (edit: the best one, whatever team) he could get.
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