Sunday, August 23, 2009

The face of the future

Went out on a limb on Saturday and bought a newspaper. A paper one. After getting through the Heatley stories on A1, A5, G1, and G3 (including this weird one where Queens university professors are asked to analyze the characteristics of his speech... for some reason), I noticed an ad on the back page of the sports section...

I don't much like the Gerberesque black mask (and Sens marketers should have picked up on that connotation when they were doing the photo shoot), but the ad seems to send a message: Pascal Leclaire is the man. He's new, he's young, and there's no doubt who the starting goaltender will be on Day 1.

I think that the Sens have to bank on their new guys, both on the ice and in the ticket office. Alex Kovalev, perhaps the most daring free agent signing in the history of the franchise, rightfully graces the splash page of the Sens official website at the moment. It's great to see him in equipment and a Senators jersey.

Training camps and the preseason are fast approaching, and once this Dany Heatley charade blows over, I think we'll find some reasons to be excited about the upcoming season. With a new guy in net and a new scorer ready to show Montreal what they're missing, I have to admit that I can't wait to see opening night versus the Islanders.
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