Friday, October 3, 2008

Heatley moves up the chain

It's fitting that we discussed the ol' Chain o' command earlier this week, because Dany Heatley was named an assistant captain today by Craig Hartburg (terrorist fist-pound to Sens Chirp).

I was pretty certain that Mike Fisher was ahead of Heatley in the pecking order on the Sens, but I was apparently mistake. Both Fisher and Heatley had filled for Redden *shudder* and Chris Phillips last season by wearing the A.

Heatley's game has always been more physical than he's given credit for, he don't perform nearly as many no-look drop passes as Spezza, and who know how much respect he gets in the dressing room (a lot, I guess). With another 5 years on his contract following this season, Heater's going to be a fixture in Ottawa for a long time.

Thought Jason Smith is certainly a respected veteran, there's something to be said for knowing the team that you're helping to lead. Heatley does. It's hard to argue this decision.

Note: Fisher may miss the season opener tomorrow with an aggravated groin, he says they'll make the decision on gameday.

PS: OhmyfreakingGoditstartstomorrow.


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