Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TSN has me confused

Did anyone else see the "NHL on TSN" intro for the season debut Tuesday night? Hearing the "Hockey Night in Canada" theme playing beforehand was pretty darn weird, I think. A Tuesday night is weird enough, but for TSN is just seems weird. I don't think TSN comes close to the prestige that HNIC has.

Speaking of HNIC, I've got to hand it to them for a job well done on the new HNIC theme song competition. The entire show was solid, George Stroumbolopoulos and Don Cherry did a good job hosting. The competition did a solid job building momentum for a new season, too. All five finalists were really good, but the winner is epic--all else (you know, things like history and sentiment) being equal, it's probably even better than the original. To see the award ceremony and hear the song along with the new intro video, visit the CBC website.
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