Thursday, October 30, 2008

Alfie: The first career Senator

According to the Ottawa Sun, Daniel Alfredsson is on the verge of signing a four-year contract extension worth $20M (or $5M a year). EDIT: And, according to, the signing has been made official, with a total value of $21.6M for four years ($5.4M cap hit). It's a slight discount from the $5.465M he will be making this season, and a decent raise from the performance-contingent $3.8M team option for next year.

For that amount, Alfredsson has taken a pay cut of 30-50 per cent from market value--which would likely be anywhere from $8M to $10M, considering his recent point totals and comparable players. That is the sign of a player who really wants to take a discount to stay in a city. That is the sign of a player who wants to win, and not just get a big pay day. That is (one of the reasons) why Ben and I are championing the Pretire Daniel Alfredsson campaign.

TSN has the structure as follows:
"The contract, which includes a no-movement clause, pays $4 million in salary in the first year with a $3 million signing bonus, plus $2.1 million for the removal of the option years from his old contract for a total $9.1 million."
I hope that whenever number 11 is raised to the rafters, there is a newly-minted Stanley Cup Champions banner alongside it.
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