Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nikulin will be gone, but Bell won't go anywhere

Just catching up with Michael Sharp's Binghamton Senators blog (which is, by the way, a tremendous resource for out-of-Binghamton Sens fans), and saw some interesting facts.

First off, Alexander Nikulin is definitely not going to stay with the B-Sens. After demanding a trade after being demoted from the NHL, he's apparently fed up, and will be gone to Russia if he hasn't been traded by this Monday (Nov. 3). This, obviously, doesn't make him very marketable, because if he's this willing to head off to Russia, there aren't many people who'd give up much in exchange. Not a great decision, but I guess we'll see how this works out.

And another story with a Russian angle: Sharp had reported that Brendan Bell had received offers--some very fruitful--from Swiss, Swedish, and Russian clubs, but is committed to fulfilling his contract with the Sens. A very interesting quote in the story from Bell;
"Yeah, there's some big money in other places," Bell said, "but I've got a contract with Ottawa and with Binghamton, and so this is where I am. I'm content here with the way things are going, and the way I've been playing. ... I know a couple buddies of mine have gone over there and done that, and now they're in some trouble. So, I don't look at that as an option right now."

In the same way that Nikulin would rather play in his home country, it seems Bell would rather play on his home continent. Although they would both rather play in the NHL...
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