Thursday, January 10, 2008

Answers to questions

While looking at the statistics surrounding the Sens Army Blog, I've come across a number of questions, entered into Google searches, that apparently brought up results from yours truly at the Sens Army Blog. In order to provide the fullest experience for readers, we answer some here:
  • ottawa senators to practice on snowmobiles: While it is difficult for hockey players to practice while on snowmobiles, two Ottawa Senators have recently communted to practice on their snowmobiles: Ray Emery and Daniel Alfredsson.
  • peter forsberg update: Not much to say, really. While Peter Forsberg has been quoted as being "cautiously optimistic" about a return to the NHL this season, it is becoming increasingly unlikely as time passes. Should he return, his preference is said to be to either Philadelphia (though I've no idea why), Colorado, or Nashville.
  • what animals eat penguins: You mean aside from the Ottawa Senators, who eat Pittsburgh Penguins and their offspring? Well, it is mostly sharks, killer whales, and leopard seals in the water, and foxes and wild cats can eat wild penguins, as well.
  • what does " put the cart before the horse" mean: When you put the cart before the horse, you're assuming a conclusion before proving it; instead of having the horse lead the cart, the cart is in the way of the horse, leading to often terrible consequences. Take, for instance, the Senators assuming that they would trample the Washington Capitals in consecutive games a few weeks ago; they puth the proverbial cart before the horse, and lost two games because of it.
  • why florida panthers are getting extinct: The Ottawa Senators, and the rest of the league, keep smoking them. Plus there's loads of poaching and habitat loss that take away their hunting and breeding grounds.
  • why does martin gerber have a black mask: The story is a boring and uneventful one. The black mask that has garnered Martin Gerber the nickname "Darth Gerber" is worn because The Gerber has become comfortable in it, and is afraid to switch to the newly-painted mask he has stowed away somewhere. Although some believe it's his silent protest for not being traded, The Gerber has denied that belief.
  • eat my ass stories: The searcher of this must have been disappointed when (s)he found my memo to Nick Kypreos instead of stories or videos of an adult nature.
  • ray emery fights mcammond: I think you're mistaken; a fight between Dean McAmmond and Emery would likely have ended quite differently than the one which did occur between Emery and Brian McGrattan. As for the fight between Grats and Rayzor, it seems to be water under the bridge as the two friends went out to dinner together the nigh after the brouhaha. Do I hear wedding bells? No word yet, but we will keep you posted.
That's all for this installment of "Answers to questions", hope it was helpful!
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