Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Decider: Vol 1.

Issue 1: Is Steve Downie some kind of idiot?

The Decider's decision: Yes. He is a goon of the highest (or should I say 'lowest') calibre. He has been suspended for more games than he's played this season (20 suspended, 5 played). If his disrespectful hit on Dean McAmmond weren't enough, he punched Jason Blake in the face earlier this week. He punched a man with cancer (in the face!). I would even go as far as to say that he is (and will continue to be) a danger to the league.
Apparantly, Bob Clarke is some kind of idiot too.

Issue 2: Should the Leafs trade Mats Sundin?

The Decider's decision: Yes, JFJ, trade that whole damn team. It's not fair to the people of Toronto that they have such a bad team. Get some prospects, some first or second round picks and start the fuck over. Everyone loves watching the Penguins and Blackhawks because they have such potential, the Leafs fans should at least have potential to cheer for. What do they have to cheer for now? More time with their families in the summer?

Issue 3: Should there be another outdoor NHL game?

The Decider's decision: Hells yeah. Americans seem to like them, and they get the NHL its highest TV ratings of the season (including playoffs). Although they will inevitably become less interesting each year, the league should suck this event's potential dry.
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