Monday, January 28, 2008

Emery fails his team again

From the Ottawa Sun:
Ray Emery is going to have some explaining to do.

The Senators goaltender, who has had his share of time management issues this season, showed up at 4:04 p.m. for the team’s 4 p.m. practice at the New York Islanders' practice facility.

Senators coach John Paddock didn't let Emery on the ice. The club is believed to be considering its options - including a suspension.

Players were given the option of meeting the team in Long Island rather than travelling back to Ottawa for the club’s 1 p.m. charter.

Last month, Emery was told to leave Scotiabank Place by Paddock after sleeping in and showing up five minutes before a practice.
It's time for Paddock to cut the foreplay and make a decision. I don't care if he's suspended, sent to the minors, traded, whatever; his behaviour is unacceptable from a professional whose only job is to show up for practices in reasonable shape and play competitively in games. Emery hasn't been making practices--and has barely been competitive in those he's made--and although I can't make a statement about his physical shape, he hasn't been good enough for followers of the team to forgive his behaviour (he's below .500 in winning percentage).

The excuse he's apparently offered is that he thought the practice was at the Nassau Coliseum, not the practice facility. Too bad. If that is the case, it still demonstrates an underlying lack of preparedness, commitment, and simple ignorance. It reeks of self-obsession.

If Martin Gerber is the best goalie available, live or die with him. If he isn't the best goalie available, get a new one. If Brian Elliott isn't ready to go, get a new backup. Second and third chances are long past, it's time to move on.

For the sake of covering both sides of the story, I'm sure Ben will post the other side of this Emery debate.
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