Monday, January 7, 2008

Emery and McGrattan fight


"Senators goaltender Ray Emery stopped more than pucks in practice today, getting into a brief scrap with tough guy Brian McGrattan.

The pair laughed it off afterwards, but were none too pleased with each other after they bumped during a skating drill. As they squared off and tossed fists at each other, teammates quickly jumped in and ended the brouhaha.

Both players dropped their gloves after an initial shove or two in the corner, then Emery ripped his mask off and the two set at it.

"I've got to keep him sharp. You never know when he's going to (fight) again," said McGrattan. "I think the guys kind of got a kick out of it.""

Will there be repercussions? It seems like it's a pretty innocent incident, and it's certainly not rare. Considering how unloved Brian McGrattan is with management on this team, you'd have to think he'd be the first to go if someone gets traded.
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