Friday, January 25, 2008

Points per Million

Finally, I'm going to scoop James Mirtle and the (I presume) army of interns/monkeys that he employs to come up with stats.

Here are the point-scoring leaders in terms of points per million dollars of salary this year:

Daniel Alfredsson 67pts --- 14pts/$M
Salary - $4.676 M

Vincent Lecavalier 66pts --- 9pts/$M
Salary - $7.166 M

Alexander Ovechkin 65pts --- 66pts/$M
Salary - $0.984 M

Ilya Kovalchuk 63pts --- 12pts/$M
Salary - $5.000 M

Jerome Iginla 63pts --- 09pts/$M
Salary - $7.00 M

Alfredsson's good. But Ovechkin is the best. Look at that! No wonder he's getting $124-Million over the next 13 years.
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