Monday, September 1, 2008

Defensive renaissance

Ken Warren of the Ottawa Citizen wrote a pretty good column yesterday (Sunday) about the incredible changes that have gradually changed the Sens' defensive corps since last season.

At the start of 2007-08:
  1. Redden
  2. Phillips
  3. Volchenkov
  4. Meszaros
  5. Corvo
  6. Richardson
And now, 2008-09, pending further movement:
  1. Phillips
  2. Volchenkov
  3. Kuba
  4. Smith
  5. Lee
  6. Picard
You'll notice only two common names between the two seasons, a 67 per cent turnover. Other changes for 2008-09 include defensive depth, signing Brendan Bell and drafting Erik Karlsson, Patrick Wiercoch, and Mark Borowiecki.

Solid story, and highly recommended to anyone who hasn't yet read it.
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