Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sens TV cut; fans rejoice

Gotta give props to James Gordon for this find. Too many Sens games were picked up by other networks, so the often-ridiculed and much-hated Sens TV will be suspended for the upcoming season!

If you ever listen to the Sens Underground podcast, you'll know the network had a ton of problem with signals, audio, and picture. Basically, the whole darn thing had a few problems and would occasionally cut out or have to switch to a local feed. So instead of the exclusive Senators content, you got the Nashville Predators (or whomever) broadcast team perspective. Weeeeeee.

The Sens take this time to fix their god-forsaken network and get it right in 2009-10. Here's hoping. When you're paying extra to watch your team, it should not only work, you should get your money's worth.
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